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Testimonials and feedback


"When I arrived I quickly identified a need for upskilling and future proofing the company as we prepare for further growth," Debbie explained.

"I have known Gilly for a while and worked with her in the past so I knew she could deliver the quality we required with the flex and tailoring we needed. Plus I knew she could implement very quickly which was equally important as we have limited room in the calendar for delivery."

Debbie added: "We have seen improvements already with people having much more confidence. Inevitably, some have also realised what they didn't know and have embraced their learning with enthusiasm and commitment. It's very satisfying to see that happen and it bodes very well for the airport's future because we are all about our people."

In February and March, GSC was back at Bristol Airport to run awareness sessions on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion for more than 50 managers focusing on responsibilities for promoting equality, tackling all forms of discrimination and building an inclusive and productive workplace.Debbie Hartshorn, Head of People and Performance Bristol Airport.

The team from GS Consultancy provided Bovis Homes with fantastic exceptional customer service training last year. The training was delivered to over 1100 of our 1200 staff over a 3 month period with just a couple of weeks lead time.

Our people now deal with each other and our external customers in a fundamentally different way. Our HBF customer service scores have increased significantly as a result - which is clear evidence of the effect of this training.

Thank you to Gilly and all at GS Consultancy for your support. Roger Morton, Head of Talent Bovis Homes.

"The first contact with EDF Energy that visitors to our power stations have is usually with our security guards. So it's important that that their experience is positive. This training has enabled people to really recognise that point, and the key role our guards have in making visitors' experience a positive one!" Nuclear Security EDF Energy Generation.

G S Consultancy (Management Training) Ltd have been working with Cotswold Archeology for a number of years initially designing their Performance Management Module, before being asked to re-design and deliver their Supervisory Programme. Both of these have received excellent feedback.

"GSC's training was really beneficial to all attendees and the design of real life case studies specific to our business really added value. The topics selected, duration and length were just right and combined with a highly skilled training team, worked closely with us in partnership to ensure all objectives and goals were met." Cotswold Archaeology.

"We have worked very closely with GSC and have found them extremely proactive and supportive throughout the project management life cycle. Their 360 product has bought great benefit to our business, enabling us to actively measure behavioural change and therefore measure the effectiveness of our development interventions. It has also enabled the business to focus on key desired leadership behaviours, thus enabling the course content designers to better target areas for improvement."
"360 assessments need to be very carefully managed and GSC offered first class support at all times. Our 360 foci always felt that the data generated was always confidential and totally trusted both the process and the system." EDF British Energy.

G S Consultancy, Management training and personal skills development

Individual Feedback:

Outplacement - Delegate Feedback:

I used G S Consultancy to help me start my job search. Mike gave me some really good advice on how to structure my CV and ensure the key information stood out to prospective employers.
He also directed me to Jobs Boards to ensure my CV was available to a wider audience. Since undertaking his advice I have had more job opportunities presented to me which match my skill set.

Nuclear Power Leadership Programme - Leaders Feedback:

I'm not sure I have ever been involved with a training course where the level of positive feedback by absolutely everyone has been this high. I've had people dropping in to see me or calling/emailing me to say how much they enjoyed the training and how robust it is. Two of the eleven delegates even described it as the best training they had ever received!!! Without doubt much of the credit for the success has to go to GSC's trainer Fi Prattley, for the way she delivered the content. Fi is an excellent instructor. The consistent message from most delegates is:- "Can't wait for Module 2!!

Marine Conservation - Human Resources Feedback:

A big thank you to you and your team, and of course Clare Mayall for being at the sharp end. The feedback I've had has been very positive about her work with individuals, with people being very impressed at her insight and ability to ask Really Good Questions. Round of applause for all of you, for holding our hands throughout this process.


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